Triple Spiral, an 8.5 foot copper sculpture by Laura Reinhard was shown at the New England Flower Show in 2004 and now resides in Leverett, MA.

8.5 feet, copper, 2004


Triple Spiral

Installed Private Residence, Leverett, MA, USA

Triple Spiral is an expression of the pattern of natural growth.  I am continually inspired by the dance of life, like a maple seed that spirals to the ground on a single wing drilling itself into the earth where its seed twists open from the moisture, and the root drives downward at the same rate that the sprout reaches skyward.  I love to follow the inner walls of shells, and watch flowers unfurl.  I feel these spirals within my own body, and bring that energy and motion to my work. 

Shown by Mahoney's Garden Center in the New England Flower Show 2004

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