Stone Sanctuary - 8.5 feet tall x 35 feet long curved stone wall with 9 foot wide water flow.

8.5 feet tall x 35 feet long curved stone wall with 9 foot wide water flow.



Stone Sanctuary

Stone Sanctuary was built in a beautiful pine and oak woodland setting to provide a space for personal reflection and energy work at the Center at Westwoods.

Gaia’s Gateway is made from three sets of naturally shaped sister stones, cleaved into the six pieces that comprise the gate and the flanking benches. The organic triangular shape of the portal helps one to enter mindfully into the sanctuary.

The Sunray Mandala floor is comprised of four compass points, with the north ray pointing to the center of the wall across from the south facing gate. Interspersed between these four points, are twelve more rays representing the twelve astrological houses. Mandala, meaning circle, is a symbol of both our individual wholeness and our connectedness to the cosmos.

The northern arc of the sanctuary is an 8 ft x 35 ft curved wall built from centuries old hand quarried granite. These beautiful stones were unearthed and carefully transported to the site to create a wall that represents our personal stories. Just as these stones have a story locked inside of them, so do each of us. The water that flows over the center 9 feet of the wall reminds us that it is our emotions that earmark our memories, and create our sense of who we are.

Created and Built by Laura Reinhard and Bob Benoit and crew, 2008 at the Center at Westwoods,590 Gay Street, Westwoods, MA 02090 (781)-329-0711, or visit

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