Portrait of a Spirit, a 9 foot copper, stone and water sculpture by Laura Reinhard was commissioned by the Center at Westwoods in 2006.

9 feet, copper, stone, water, 2006



Portrait of a Spirit, Ellen’s Piece

Commissioned by the Center at Westwoods, Portrait of a Spirit was inspired on my first visit there. I was captured by the peacefulness of the grounds, and awed by the enormity of the spirit that went into the creation of the center.  I went home to my studio with a persistent vision of a form that became the template for the sculpture’s creation. 

Like the rolling grounds, and fern filled woods of the center, the sculpture’s upright stone, has a calm and centered soul.  And like the spirit rising from the deep reservoir of that soul that inspired the creation of the center, the copper sculpture rises upward like a flame, gracefully responding to the standing stone’s undulating curves, becoming a visual manifestation of the stone’s innate energy.  The water, flowing through the copper and over the stones is the emotional medium between soul and spirit.

Sculptural stone work by Bob Benoit

The Center at Westwoods, 590 Gay Street, Westwood, MA 02090.  (781)-329-0711 or visit  centeratwestwoods.com

Meditation Garden Composition by Gary Koller; Koller and Associates, 81 Montclair Avenue, Roslindale, MA 02131-1350

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