Aura by Laura Reinhard; a 7 foot copper and stone sculpture installed at a private residence in CT.

7 feet, copper, stone, grinding stone base, water, 2003



Installed Private Residence, Connecticut, USA
In 2003, I began a journey with my work inspired by Shiva Linga, and the idea that the surface striations of these stones are the feminine energy that inspires and balances the masculine energy of the stones. I started to explore this idea of dualistic energies, with glacial till stones found in the hills of Western Massachusetts.
The five foot tall standing stone on its own has a very potent presence even from a distance.  I wanted to draw the viewer closer to appreciate the subtleties of the stone’s surface, so I created the copper form around the stone by responding to, and visually lifting this stone’s gentle, nurturing feminine energy into a delicate sculptural aura.  Water flowing through the copper sculpture and over the stone is used to visually and spiritually unite these two entities.
Shown in the New England Flower Show, 2003
Landscape by Earthworks, Leverett, MA
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