Laura Reinhard working on copper for Phoenix of Hope 

Laura working on Phoenix of Hope, 2007

About Laura Reinhard

BFA Syracuse University 1989

I have always been inspired by the natural world – trees, leaf veins, grass blades, sprouting bulbs and seeds, plants pushing through pavement, roots and vines growing around everything.  The lines that create what we see as surface, coupled with the power and persistence of emergent growth are the visual vocabulary that becomes the poetry of my sculpture.

Seed in the Flame is the name I have chosen to represent my work’s path.  I love the image and feeling it evokes of the life/death/life cycle and the intensity of rebirth through fire.  My journey as an artist is a cycle of unearthing and rekindling my creative spark, again and again.  Sometimes it is as easy as going for a walk in the rain, and at other times, it is a walk through fire.