Laura at Work
I work with copper and stone to create focal points for beautiful garden settings, as well as designing and building the spaces themselves, as I did in Stone Sanctuary for the Center at Westwoods.

My sculpture is a vehicle for personal expression and every piece is unique. I love copper because of its malleable, linear quality that allows me to shape flowing forms that emphasize the energy of emergent growth in nature. I allow the copper to age naturally to a dark mahogany so that the sculptures blend harmoniously into garden settings.

Glacial till stones and Goshen stone are often elements in my work, as well as water, for sculptures incorporated into water features.

I have a small selection of available work on my gallery page of non-commission work that resides with me, aging in the gardens around my home and (future) studio only 1.5  miles from the beautiful Smith College botanical gardens.

I work by commission, and on site as I did for Selkie where I created a sculpture around an existing stone, and for Stone Sanctuary where the magnitude of the installation required living on site.

I work closely with my customers to ensure a shared sense of beauty. For commissioned work, the process starts with a meeting on location, as my work is often a melding of my customerís spirits with the energy of their homes and gardens.

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